Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

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Re: Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

Same here,

I've tried MFT along with the "good" lenses (14mm Pana, 25mm Summicron, 20mm Pana, 45mm Oly, 9-18mm Oly) but the DOF is just not shallow enough for me coming from Eos FF...

Up t'ill now there's still no APS-C-combo out there like the NX200 + 30mm F2.0 that fits my jacket pocket (+ not to forget the 16mm which is also good)...

OK, there's the Fuji now with the 34mm f1.4, but not nearly as compact as the nx200 + it is twice as expensive...

To me the major annoyance with the Samsung NX camera's is the AF (focus doesn't lock consistantly, even on subjects with enough contrast).

They were off to a good start 2 years ago with the NX10, but now Samsung sadly is slacking off...

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