X-E1 Problems

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X-E1 Problems

Based on some of the early responses to the X-pro1 on this forum what will be the issues that this august body 'discovers' with the X-E1?

My prognostications:

  1. The camera is a. too light / b. too heavy.

  2. The camera is a. too big / b. too small.

  3. X-E1 costs way more than camera_ (fill in the blank).

  4. Why is/are the button/s in the wrong places?

  5. What are Fuji thinking with a retro control interface like aperture rings and shutter speed control dials? Camera_ does it better.

  6. The kit lens sucks. I know cause I read it on the internets.

  7. Sheesh, the EVF is no better than the one on camera_ .

  8. I tried it in the camera store and the AF isn't as good as my can-ikon, even my P/S camera is better.

  9. Having learned all I know about photo gear on the Internets I could design a better camera.

  10. The battery life it too short and batteries cost too much.

  11. The door for the mem card/battery is in the wrong place and flimsy.

  12. The rear LCD is ancient technology.

  13. The RAW files from the X-Trans sensor look like watercolor painting when converted with raw converter X. Y,or Z.

  14. Real photographers can and will use SilkyPix for raw file conversion. It can be done, I know cause I've done it.

  15. The OOC jpegs are a. too saturated or b. not saturated enough.

  16. The 'Q' menu doesn't do X, Y, or Z. That just sucks.

  17. Geez it doesn't have focus peaking. Fuji please buy a clue and get with it like company X.

  18. Hey why did they remove the X-pro1 OVF?

  19. People who like this camera are un-thinking fanbois.

  20. You have criticized this camera. You are a troll along with your ancestors.


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