Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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Well then...Bottoms UP KHG!

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

No need to read anything further you write since you cannot even get one simple fact right, after it being pointed out to you.

Ditto for you as well. All blindly pro Sigma, blindly all the time.

Someday you may realize that admitting when you are wrong can be a powerful force for healing within yourself.

Again, also ditto for you with the above as well. And "healing" is something I fear you have scant knowledge of. But being a "powerful", if rather over the Sigma top "force" is something you excel here in in spades

As noted, you may respond but I'll stop reading you henceforth since you have no real information anymore, only fantasy that cannot be corrected.

Since you were the one that first stalked me here in this particular thread, after I originally posted a response to the OP - that had nothing to do with you in particular, or any of your ongoing official Sigma propaganda campaigning , then by all means necessary, please, please do "stop reading", responding, or whatever the h#ll else you may uncontrollably feel that your just can't help yourself from flogging onand on about here on DPReview. And the thought of a completely co-opted Sigma flack such as You "correcting" anyone, about anything (even outside of your mutha Sigma ship) is royal. beyond any sort of actual "corrections", or belief...

And please do and try to hold to your promise above - by never, ever reading, or responding to any of my future posting, and I assure you that I will return the favor and most gladly and enthusiastically extend avoid you like a plague myself.

In closing...Let's not ever keep in touch again, shall we.

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