DP2 Merrill sensor read noise finally measured

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I had a false opinion back then

SandyF wrote:

Well, thank you for posting. I recall you've written that the DP2Merrill has bad dynamic range...

You're right, I have said that several tims. And I was wrong . It is still behind the best APS-C cameras (regarding dynamic range, not necessarily tonality which is ofen a better way of describing the imaging capability for regular photography).

The reason why I though so is because of the previous generation Foveon sensor which indeed does have rather limited DR. I simply made the (in hidsight) rather foolish assumption tha Sigma had not managed to improve the sensor much - instead they have improved it very significantly.

Also it is important to notice: I did not touch the issue of noise from the poor color separation of Foveon, thus for actual real life color images the DR will be somewhat lower than the measurements indicate compared to the competition. (That is an issue I'm not going to measure at this time ;))

now you write that your 'findings' are that it indeed has decent dynamic range.

Yes. And I fully admit that I was wrong. (And no, I still don't have a Sigma camera, nor do I have plans to get one.)

This is what I found FWIW shooting hands-on with a Canon 5DII side-by-side with the DP2Merrill... and I've been writing that from the start of my comparisons.

What I don't want to do is to rely on people subjective experiences or tests which are not well prepared (but instead go through a black box of Adobe camera raw, in-camera-JPG-engine or whatever). Now, I don't know how you've tested, so I'm not being critical of that.

Anyhow, I prefer to trust measurements, something that can be repeated by others to make sure it's correct.

Also, the camera you compared with, Canon 5DII has a quite bad base ISO dynamic range . Not only it's crippled by the substandard analog to digital conversion, but also by banding. If you go to DxOMark and check out it's DR, and read the chart from right to left , and imagine the DR incressing by a stop for each halving of the ISO, you'll see how bad the AD conversion is.

Not going to buy a Canon either at this time

I'll bookmark your post.


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