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Re: The need for an FF is a psychological one ...

Wow!!! This is a perfect business model leading to total failure. Invest money into products few are willing to buy just for brand recognition. Really!?!?

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

In reality that need is marginal, but psychologically very important need. It's not that it matters to people in terms of the buying commitment — no, most will never buy it — but just by being there reassures people that they can continue dreaming safely, and that their photography paradise (wall enclosed garden) is safer, and now more complete.

That is where Pentax was lacking and missing the mark in brand awareness; they have never addressed that important psychological need in the world overloaded with insurances against everything and anything. We are the society living in flourishing anxieties and our needs reflect that. Instead of acknowledging that side of picture, Pentax took a brave step and focused on material and rational real life needs.

If they've addressed the anxieties during the same time as Nikon did (and introduced an FF), Pentax brand would have been perceived a lot more serious and future proof.

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