NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

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Re: NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

I'm not sure why signatories need check the package - there is no contractual obligation between them and the carrier and arguably if the carrier wants a warranty from the signatory then they should ask them to unpack and check the goods. 99% of packages are signed for unchecked. Agreed in an ideal world the contents should always be checked or not signed for but failing that as I said the question is one of evidence.

This idea that you are stuffed if you've signed for goods unchecked is something that is in the interests of the carriers to promulgate as their first line of defence when someone makes a complaint because 9 times out 10 people accept it and go away and bear the loss. However the more they are challenged then the more likely it is that they will take complaints seriously. It will be interesting whether Citilink take this complaint seriously or try to fob me off. I should know Monday or Tuesday.

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