How do you do more than a 30 sec exposure/how do you expose it!?

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Re: Did your a55 come with a manual?

Ah yes, one of the old shutter techniques.

Back in 1977 I was traveling in Europe and needed a visa photo for one of the border crossings. They directed me to a photographer in town who would do the photo. He had a large format plate camera (you know the kind -- big wooden box, ground glass focusing screen, cloth drape over his head) and the studio was a rather dimly lit room in his basement. Once the picture was composed he popped in the plate, told me to hold VERY still, and removed the lens cap. He counted to 5 and replaced the lens cap. That was it. I don't really know if the camera did not have a shutter, or if it was defective. Not quite 30 seconds (or longer) exposure, but I was impressed by the result, and it sufficed for the visa.

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