Sony users dont know how to use their cameras

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Re: Being rude? I only know that I don't know anything

Sam_Oslo wrote:

aaanouel wrote:

I only know that I don't know anything... a wise man said.

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Truth is a pathless land.
The dead past darkens the ever living present.

Corrections and critics are more than very welcome, desirables.

That's wise!.

We live in a relative world, and perfection doesn't exist on earth. The whole universe from the sub-atomic to cosmos and everything in between is in a ongoing proses of learning and improving, for reaching towards perfection.

There is goal is the same, but the path may wary. The history of mankind is all about learning and teaching art, science, and culture in a universal move towards perfection.

Those who think they have learned everything and have reached perfection, this illusion is the biggest prof of their shortcomings.

Very philosophical, Sam, and so true.

We humans are far from perfect, and admitting one's mistakes is noble. I certainly have been wrong about things before... you see, there was this one time that I thought I was wrong... ;-).

[PS: while I think that comment is amusing I will say I heard it from someone who actually was quite arrogant, so I expect he did believe that to some extent. Poor fellow.]

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