Any point to >300dpi printing?

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Re: Any point to >300dpi printing?

Hugowolf wrote:

And is Martin someone I should know?

Martin Evening has been publishing PS and LR books for several years - his latest on LR being "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book". He is generally considered to be among the top authorities on both PS and LR. I've read his CS4 book and his LR3 and LR4 books and they are are all excellent references. So yes, he is someone you might want to know about.

Yes I have heard Jeff’s comments on this, but he doesn’t really support it with hard evidence, so it just becomes another opinion to consider.

As far as Jeff Shewe's ppi input recommendations, I think that they may be for really extreme cases of very high resolution images. You may be correct in assuming that they are a product of his thinking and experience rather than any rigorous testing, but considering that it was Jeff Schewe who made these recommendations, they deserve to at least be taken seriously.

If you do not select a resolution in LR, then you are leaving it to the printer’s driver to use the resolution of the image for screening – it is no longer in the hands of Lightroom.

By deselecting (not checking) that Print Resolution box, LR does not hand-off the task of calculating print resolution to the printer. On the contrary, deselecting the Print Resolution box causes LR to use its own algorithm to automatically calculate the optimum pixel resolution for you - as long as it's between 180 and 1440 ppi. Outside that range a plus or minus sign appears, warning you to set an appropriate Print Resolution (box then needs to be checked and a ppi value inputted). In most cases, you're better off leaving that Print Resolution box unchecked.

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