NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

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Re: NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

A quick google for damaged items through City Link:

We have recently started to use Citylink to carry our parcels, in addition to our long running arrangements with Interlink.

Over the past three month trial period with Citylink there have been a small number of parcels damaged in transit. These are low value items (£30 each claim max) and have been well wrapped in bublewrap. They have clearly been squashed/bent having been trodden on or even driven over.

We have never had a problem with such claims from Interlink. But Citylink's attitude is that if the customer has signed for the parcel and not noted any damage then claims will not be settled . I have pointed out to them that this requirement is unfair and most customers believe that they are signing to confirm receipt and, anyway, a courier driver will not hang around whilst someone unpacks and checks the contents of a package.

I would be interested in advice from someone with legal experience. Can Citylink rely on such a 'get-out'?

I personally would forget City Link and deal with Fuji UK directly, I've always found them more than helpful.


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