Sony A99 only 24 megapixel? What happen to 30+ megapixel?

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Re: 36 megapixel is very important

goetz48 wrote:

As an electric engineer I have learned to calculate square roots and what is Nyquist theorem too. And after pixel peeping I have set my A77 to 12 Mp for several purposes because the lenses cannot deliver 24 Mp. But you may join Astronomy, they are well beyond 100 Mp and cool their sensors.

Yes, more than 100 MP, but on what size sensor?

I wasn't disagreeing with you. The point I was trying to make, and really just restating your comment, is that perhaps 37.5 MP is the limit of usefulness on a 35 mm size sensor with today's lenses and sensor technology.

It really comes down to pixel density. Once you exceed the resolving power of the lens there is no point putting more pixels into that same area, especially when smaller pixels come with a host of other issues that affect IQ (noise, sensitivity).

Perhaps sensor technology will advance in a big leap sometime in the future, making it possible to put a gazillion extremely sensitive low noise pixels onto the head of a pin, and we will have superlenses to match. But until that time, surely there must be a sweet spot where pixel count and image sensor size are at an optimum for today's needs.

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