First upland outing with the LX5 this year - a PE

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Part Two:

Usually, jump shooting doves with pointy dogs is mostly an exercise in frustration because all that happens is that the doves get chased up (they don't hold for points) far out of range, except, perhaps for the rare, exceptionally stupid bird who flies back over me. This time, however, the birds weren't as spooky (maybe because of the time of day, the heat and the coming storm?) and we started to get some good shooting - even some nice doubles. Maggie ran to retrieve each time when I dropped birds, but Chase is now much faster, which resulted in Chase doing all of the actual retrieving this time. I really hate to see my beloved gal getting so old, but she and I are both still out there despite our advanced ages.

This was the very first (hopefully of hundreds) bird of the season. Last year Chase, for the first time ever, retrieved the first bird as well, but Maggie got the second bird - this year, it's all Chase. It was lightly hit (I've been shooting alot, but you don't need school bus-type leads in most sporting clay target shooting like you do when shooting distant doves at speed) and Chase had to run it down:

I adjusted my leads and my shooting improved after that, so we had no more get-away attempts. Here are a few of the retrieves:

These were pigeons (growing up in the rural PA Dutch culture, where nothing is wasted, I learned long ago that they taste pretty much the same as doves):

Yet another storm was bearing down on us with plenty of thunder and lightening, so it was time to trek back to the Jeep:

Most of the shots were quite long. The 20 little gauge, with 7/8 oz. handloads of #7-1/2 at 1,200 fps pushed through MOD and IMOD chokes did very well.

Here are a couple pics of the river near the farm - water is still low:

I would have been very happy just to be out with the dogs and a gun and away from my nursemaid duties for a little while - actually killing some birds was a bonus. I'd call the day a success by any standard. Hope you enjoyed coming along with us.

I was happy, as usual, with the little Leica's performance, but after using the X Pro-1 for months, I must admit I missed the better IQ the Fuji offers. Fuji has announced an 18-55mm zoom lens. That will eliminate the need to changes lenses while juggling a gun, dogs, birds, etc. Assuming that the IQ with that lens is good, I might make the switch to using the X Pro-1 afield when those lenses actually become available.

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