Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

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Re: Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

I think Samsung is doing fine myself. I am now using the NX1000 and really like it. It has MUCH better low light capability than the NX100 did. It is not as good as the NEX series in low light but it is easily good enough for me.

Plus I like prime lenses and I think the NX selection is better than the NEX selection. Plus the prices of the NEX lenses are high and rarely on sale. I got the NX1000, 55-200, 16mm and 30mm for right at 950.00 total thanks to sales (Henrys and Beach Camera). Try doing that with the NEX system. I had the NEX-5N and sold it due to the high lens prices.

Thom Hogan seems to think Samsung is dong things right too. That says quite a bit coming from a critic like he is.

tecnoworld wrote:

I'm wondering about this and I also talked about this to a local dealer, which is in touch with Samsung. It has no news about incoming products, while if you look at the competitors they are realeasing a lot of new products in these days.

Sony is releasing NEX-5R and NEX-6
Fuji is releasing X-E1
Panasonic is releasing the GH3

What about Samsung? As a flagship it has the expensive NX20, which has been out for several months now, and can't compete technically with the new models of other brands. It seems there won't be a NX-R or, if there is, it will be just another NX200 with some more gimmicks and a nicer look.

What do you think?

I was hoping in an android NX camera with a newer and better sensor, but it seems long way to go.

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