NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

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Re: NEW X10 replacement can shoot round corners

rattymouse wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

I can't believe you signed for it in that state!


I was thinking the same.
I would simply open the box to show the courier the condition!

I would imagine the courier is at fault here, that must have had a very strong blow to do that kind of damage.

From my experience with Fujifilm service, I think it is just as likely that they did this damage to the camera.

That's utter nonsense, as bad as they may seem to some I can't believe they would sent a unit out in that condition.

A hit like that, that would bend a metal camera would absolutely destroy a box. Not just crush it a tad.

The package would need to have been run over by a truck to do that damage, my guess is whomever did it or the person who discovered it simply pushed the box back into shape.

I would bet money on that package being delivered by CityLink they are the worst couriers in the world.


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