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Re: The new lens is here: approx. 85-254mm (equiv.) f/2.8

Edgar Matias wrote:

Baxter Bad wrote:

One new lens only is a little disappointing, even if it is f2.8. Hopefully there will be at least one more (and not a MF toy lens, please).

It's not really the lens I wanted, but the constant aperture f/2.8 is very encouraging. It means Pentax is serious about making better lenses for the Q. If they're doing constant aperture zooms, then fast primes are much more likely.

I keep thinking that with such a small sensor they would be releasing all kinds of super-fast options - f1.2's and f0.95's all over the place. Maybe too expensive to make, even at the shrunken scale? Would at least draw attention to the system.

Well, at the long end of this lens, 45mm/2.8 gives you a pupil size of 16mm. If they made a 90mm equivalent lens with the same pupil size, that would be 16mm f/1.0 -- now we're talking!

Still keeping my fingers crossed for that telephoto prime in their lens roadmap...

As for the Q10, I don't see an EVF option or any size increase in the sensor - the two main criticisms, although the third criticism - price - seems to have been addressed. The model number has me wondering of this is a lower-tier offering and we'll actually see a Q with EVF appear as the Q2 (with the Q10 being essentially identical to the Q1 with the exception of a body refresh).

IMO, the Q10 doesn't look as classy as the Q.

Agree with you on that. I was just looking at the latest Q10 photos on mirrorlessrumors and the new one is trying to be more Auto 110-like with a pyramidal shape below the hot shoe, suggesting a viewfinder when there is none. They tried this already with the I-10 compact, it came across as confusing for some people. On the plus side, the Q10 seems to be slightly taller and with a better grip.

A high-end Q2 with EVF and magnesium body sold alongside a cheaper, hard plastic, no-EVF Q10, would make for a very interesting product lineup -- especially with better lenses.

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