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Re: The new lens is here:

Raist3d wrote:

Baxter Bad wrote:

One new lens only is a little disappointing, even if it is f2.8. Hopefully there will be at least one more (and not a MF toy lens, please).

How is that disappointing? It's small and due to focal legnth and aperture you will be able to shoot portraits with some nice bokeh control.

The lens is not disappointing, just that there only seems to be one being released. Bad communication on my part.

I keep thinking that with such a small sensor they would be releasing all kinds of super-fast options - f1.2's and f0.95's all over the place. Maybe too expensive to make, even at the shrunken scale? Would at least draw attention to the system.

I agree on more primes and faster lenses.

As for the Q10, I don't see an EVF option or any size increase in the sensor - the two main criticisms, although the third criticism - price - seems to have been addressed.

But you don't know if the new sensor is new. Size is irrelevant here on its own. Remember after all the smaller Q sensor beats the slightly bigger Panasonic LX5 sensor. If the new sensor is new (and I am guessing it will most likely will be) it will improve over the current Q also.

I have no problem with the current sensor, not expecting a new one in the Q10. I mentioned sensor size as a general criticism levied against the Q, which it is (unfairly - the sensor is tiny because the camera is tiny, a simple fact that most don't seem to grasp). No need to defend the sensor or camera against me, I'm an owner and supporter, see some of my old posts.

The model number has me wondering of this is a lower-tier offering and we'll actually see a Q with EVF appear as the Q2 (with the Q10 being essentially identical to the Q1 with the exception of a body refresh).

Another thing I'm wondering is if this will make it to the U.S., or even any market outside of Japan. I really doubt it, actually. That would be a shame; I'm constantly amazed at how well the sensor performs and how much I can squeeze out of it in RAW. One of my few consistently enjoyable cameras.

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