Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

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Re: Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

I was the happy owner of a D700 with 24-70 f/2.8, 105 micro, 50mm etc. Loved it, didn't mind the weight or bulk too much. Used in a hobbyist capacity. Along comes baby number one and suddenly I'm having to carry large amounts of related paraphernalia and the camera started to feel excessive. Combine this with a substantial reduction in spare time and I decided to ‘down size’. Opted for the X-Pro1 with all three lenses and sold off the Nikon gear in its entirety.

As always people have their own opinions and what suits one person may not suit another, however, having used the X-Pro1 for several months now I’m really enjoying the experience. I’ve not found the image quality wanting and often prefer the output to the D700 (except for the odd bit of pixel peeping). The size and weight is a joy and less conspicuous at family gatherings etc. (pointing a D700 with 24-70 at someone doesn’t always help them to relax :)). It’s still not small and the X-E1 looks like an interesting proposition. I thought I’d be using the OVF all the time (having always used one before) but the EVF is so useful with the WYSIWYG that I think I’d also be happy without (even if the shooting experience changes).

For me the much reported performance quirks are real. I’m also looking forward to firmware 2.0. I have no intention of replacing the lenses though. Other threads also talk about usability enhancements such as being able to change the focus point using the multi selector and these issues are also valid IMO. I have no regrets at all but if I was looking to buy now the X-E1 would be something I’d pay close attention to.

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