Are superzooms superior to cheaper DSLR tele glass?

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Are superzooms superior to cheaper DSLR tele glass?

Hi folks, I am a Nikon DSLR user and I just posted this on a Nikon forum, I would be really interested in what FZ200 users would have to say about the following:

Looking at some of the results people are getting from the latest superzoom cameras like the Nikon P510 and the Panasonic FZ200 (constant f2.8 throughout zoom range) I have to wonder whether they would be a better option than some of the cheaper DSLR tele lenses.

And when I say cheaper lenses, they still are quite expensive compared to a superzoom camera.

The results I have been getting from the kit 55-200vr on my D5100 have been patchy at best, lots of missed focus and soft output that falls to bits fairly quickly when the images are cropped to any degree.

Quite frankly, apart from subject isolation, my previous bridge camera wasn't much different.

So while I am in no doubt over the greater potential of my DSLR's sensor, I am having doubts over the ability to realize this potential without spending lots of $$ on tele glass.

I would be really interested in opinions of people that own one of the new superzooms and how they feel it compares to cheaper DSLR glass as a birding camera, tele-macro camera, or perhaps used as a general tele lens (ignoring the wide angle).

Some of the latest offerings appear to have very fast focus and impressive frame rates, which I assume would offset some of the usual limitations of a small sensor cam to a large degree (the constant f 2.8 on the Panny seems particularly impressive).

I am convinced my D5100 is hugely superior at wide angle (with the 16-85vr) but as a tele macro camera and birding camera with the cheaper nikon glass, I get the feeling one of the new superzooms may be a better option over something like the 55-300vr (or perhaps even the 70-300vr?).

What do you think? are superzooms now more than just a 'toy zoom' and worthy of serious consideration?

Nikon Coolpix P510 Nikon D5100 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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