Does Anyone Want to Talk me out of a cheap lens?

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Re: Does Anyone Want to Talk me out of a cheap lens?

Here is a better picture with 85 f1.8g at f1.8

TeamTQ wrote:

Doublehelix- GO FOR THE 85MM F 1.8G!

I used to borrow my buddy's 85 1.4 D when I was need of that particular focal length. About two years ago he gave me a Tamron 90 f.28 as Christmas gift... So I got the hint. But like you I wanted a Nikon 1.4 but never got around buying one. Then 85 mm 1.4g came out - so I started save up the $$$ and then 1.8g came out and was getting great reviews, so I bought the 85 f1.8. (which has a gold ring - for you lens snobs) I could not be happier with the 85 1.8g and I seldom shoot at 1.4 anyway. FWIW I hear great reports that the 85 1.8D is a great lens.

Not the best picture hand held - and keep in mind I have a slight tremor (shaky hands) but here is an example atf2.2

Best, TQ

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