Ultimatum to Nikon - D400 or not!

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Re: Ask local Nikon representative - I DID IT!!

Bajerunner wrote:

I agree, based on recent and expected releases, I think people will be surprised.

I do think it will compete very well on price. The D800 came in much less than expected and better than Canon's 5DIII.

The FF D600 is expected in at 1,500 or 1,600.

I think the D400 will come at the same OR LESS than the D300s.

If it does, then there won't be a D7100. IMO everything points to the 'D400' and 'D7100' being the same camera . The specifications are highly convergent. It's then a matter of which features the new camera will get. I suspect if this is the top camera in the line, Nikon won't be shy of giving it the speed rating and AF-ON button, since there will be no camera above it to protect. I suspect though it will have the polymer chassis, metal skin concept rather than the monocoque construction of the D300 - especially if it is to come in at a price much lower than the D300. Simply, every competitive camera has that construction, and Nikon won't want to prejudice the competitiveness of the product by going for a more expensive design.

Then there is the name. Don't know, but I suspect that Dxxx will now be reserved for FX. That really leaves D7100 or D9000. My betting would be on D7100, simply because the D7000 has been very successful and the D7xxx series was only started two years ago, so they are unlikely to drop it now.

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