Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

Started Sep 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone here sold all DSLR gear for X-Pro 1?

yes, i did. d 700 and five lenses - including a zeiss 25mm. excellent stuff, great pictures quality wise, lovely b&w conversions etc. - but the weight (no car, much walking, biking etc.) of it all, and the fact that i never could really love the camera (it remained a very able computer with a lens on it) tippled the scales. no regrets, the xp1 feels like coming home, but i do look forward to the hopefully fast focusing 18-55mm, as i would like a little more speed in people-photography. while i am not very fond of zooms (use them like you would a three lens turret on film camera of old), but this one seems to fit the bill.

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