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Thanks everyone for your replies on this subject, some very interesting replies and I can relate to them all, I am still on the fence as well as I love shooting Motorbikes when I get the chance, I also love shooting kids sports etc so I will have to wait and see how the OMD performs doing these things..

My new OMD has certainly ticked a lot of boxes , however I will hang on to my Olympus E5 for the moment as it also also does some good things even though it is big and heavy, it is a very well built camera and I still love it...I am leaning towards the OMD though, it has won me over, thanks again, this Micro Four Thirds Forum is a wonderful place

Airmel wrote:

the bluesman wrote:

Or just both, that's the question???

Have many of you moved over to this "Micro Four Thirds" world from a DSLR

if so are you planning on keeping both systems or just getting rid of your DSLR

I love this system (OMD) and just don't know if I can justify having 2 systems if one is just gonna sit there not being used..

are many of you in this dilemma??

I have been shooting first and E-30 and then an E-5 with a nice selection of HG and SHG glass for about 3 years now.

Earlier this year, and with an eye to the future, I purchased one of the first E-M5 12-50mm kits along with an HLD-6 grip, figuring it would be a nice system for both me and my wife to learn about. I quickly added the 12mm and 45mm lenses. Recently I added the 75-300mm and currently have the 75mm on order.

The E-M5 is a fantastic system, something easy to fall in love with. I love its light weight, ease of use and high configurability. My wife loves the snappy AF which has upped her keeper rate considerably over her P&S.

However, two of my favorite subjects to shoot are birds in flight and motocross races (both outdoor and stadium races). In both of these areas, the E-M5 system's capabilities are far overshadowed by those of the E-5.

In my experience, the E-5's performance exceeds that of the E-M5 in these areas:

  • Battery life - With the HLD-4 grip and a pair of fresh batteries, I can literally shoot all day long, never touching the ON/OFF switch, and I will have plenty of power left when it's time to head for the barn. Due to the basic design of the E-M5, one must burn power continuously when not asleep or powered down.

  • Target acquisition & Tracking - I can raise the E-5 to my eye, AF and grab the shot in a flash. It takes considerably longer to wake the E-M5 from sleep, find the target in the viewfinder, AF and shoot. You can forget about tracking the target while shooting. The display lag makes this nearly impossible. While the built-in viewfinder is very nice, it is no match for the E-5's optical VF.

  • For my taste, the additional mass of the E-5/SHG glass is a big help in stabilization when following a target. The small and light weight E-M5 is great to carry but not so great to track a moving target.

  • Minor point here -The E-M5 takes three times longer to download data to my PC as the E-5.

I am still learning the E-M5 system. I believe it is a great system would not hesitate to recommend one to a friend. I believe that in general, the mirrorless cameras will take over a large part of the future market. They will likely take large market share from P&S all the way to the entry level DSLR's and beyond. However, I think there will still be a need for robust DSLR gear.

I dearly love both the E-M5 and the E-5 systems. I figure they overlap perhaps 90%. Each has it's particular strong and weak points. I expect that both systems will be with me for a long time.

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