17-55mm lens Err 01 problem

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Re: 17-55mm lens Err 01 problem

jkuo wrote:

I had the same error occur but it was with a 17-85 lens on a 40D. In my case, it was an aperture flex cable inside the lens that apparently failed and prevented the lens from stopping down to the requested aperture. It sounds like you may have a similar problem with your lens.

Since I already had about 5 years of use out of it at that point, I just decided to upgrade to a 15-85 rather than put money into repairing it, but your 17-55 is a much more expensive lens and it might be more worthwhile for you to pay the repair cost.

10sj03 wrote:

I have done some more tests. When the Err 01 problem does not occur, the picture is way over exposed and histogram goes all the way to the right even though the marker on the view finder shows correct exposure. The view finder also shows a dimmed image and with tiny dots over it, just like it was covered by a mesh screen.

Any more tests I should do or I should just send it to Canon for repair?


Thanks for your information. After some more tests, it seems that the problem only shows when I use focal length greater than 20mm. Between 17-20mm, it works fine. I am going to call Canon to find out the repair cost.

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