First samples taken with the new NEX-5R

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Re: First samples taken with the new NEX-5R

I have to agree. Had both the nex-5, and nex-5n, and both (IMO) would produce a sharper looking picture at ISO 200. I wonder if this is the characteristic of the new sensor (perhaps stronger low pass filter?), or if the new kit lenses have gotten worse. I'm currious how the nex-5r would perform with a good quality lens compared to the nex-5, or nex-5N with that same good quality lens. Perhaps that is one test that should be carried out in the upcoming review hint, hint...

I would like to add that I currently own the nex-vg20 video camera which is based on the nex-5n sensor. That camera when coupled with the 18-200mm zoom lens and used in photo mode produces very sharp pictures. This will be my benchmark for comparison when the nex-5r comes out, and full reviews are done on it (hopefully with various lenses).

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