need help with cloud ftp and file browser / good reader app

Started Sep 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jane S
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cloud ftp, not for the faint of heart or tech challenged

I called costumer support to figure out, why my device kept shutting down. Turns out I have a "really old" firmware version. Why would they send something so outdated, when I just ordered it this week? I have version 12 and the latest is 23! I just ordered it within the week.

So I get the link to download the new firmware, but my iMac Os 10.8.1, says safari can not open the file, because no application can open it. I tried to save it and open it through finder to no avail. TextEdit just gives me gibberish. I don't have the option for Archive Utility.

I'm sure this is a great avenue for those that are very savvy at all this, but I grow weary after 4 nights of trying to make this work. There are more things to do with my time.

I sending the device back and going commando for my trip. I don't want to have to worry about all this, after sunset and a glass of fine Italian wine.

Thanks to everyone for their advice and help.

Waiting to savor the moments.....


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