Dust or dead pixel or sensor damage?

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Re: Dust or dead pixel or sensor damage?

did you draw that circle around the dot in the middle?

if not, then it looks like oil splatter from inside the 5DM3. I had similar on my D800 and older 5DM2 a few years back.

It's hard to check for dead/bad/stuck pixels over the entire 22MP map. It is easier to check for dead ones in a 1080p video.

Simply set to a high ISO, say 10000, put your lens cap on any lens and record a short 1080p video. Change the ISO higher and lower during this process.

Your finish video should be completely black with no bright or white dots. If you get a few white or red or blue spots in the video, then those are dead/stuck/bad pixels.

hope this helps.



DerStig wrote:

These two images were taken from my 5d mark 3 with 70-200 2.8 II @ F/32. These dots have been there since the minute I opened up the 5d mark 3. They are more apparent at F/32 with the 70-200 than they are with the 24-105 kit lens or 35L at F/22 (that's the maximum these two lenses go). So these dots are on the sensor, not on the lenses. The question is, there is this one that looks really weird. It's on the second image, which is a crop of the original image, there is a circle with a dot in the center, would this be a dead pixel? Or damage on sensor? Or simply dust? I have tried doing sensor cleaning via the Menu, it made no difference.

Would this be grounds for returning the camera? I just fear what I will get in return will be much worse.

Also, this is just a general question, when there is sensor problems (dead pixel/damage), do they appear on every aperture, or only the small ones?


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