Will Fuji launch a LM line of Lenses or is there an issue

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Re: Will Fuji launch a LM line of Lenses or is there an issue

jl123 wrote:

Well if they don't then I believe this system will continue to be the proverbial red haired step child, not able to take the fight to the OMD on the big stage of worldwide sales.

Most users will be happiest with the more compromised LM zoom. Just my opinion, but I really think Fuji are making a big mistake to talk up very fast AF but only for its zoom and to continue with below par for the rest of the lens line. that is simply too bad. j

Wasn't it just recently that Olympus was desperately looking for some to bail them out financially. I think Fuji was even one of the suitors.... Fuji will have released 4 cameras in about two years, the XF cameras will have 13 lenses within two years of their release, and they have developed their own sensor. They seem to be doing OK.

I think Fuji has a very good idea of who their target market is. I'm not sure a lot of camera buyers have good sense though. Most people need a DSLR. I have one (Nikon D700) but I much prefer my X Pro and X100.

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