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Re: My Baby...FZ200--Anne

Anne, that will be a treat to watch and hear you, via an FZ200. I won't likely be surprised, as you seem to be a very eclectic person, with a wide range of interests.

I spent five intensive years as a musician, when I was young. I took formal lessons and appeared in many places. I found time to develop a little ability with two other instruments, including my mother's 1905 Martin, which was said to have been personally made by a grandson of C. F. Martin. But, I threw it all off at age 13, for sports. If I tried to play an accordion today, I'd probably put it on upside-down.

I've even invented several instruments, incliuding a giant digeridoo with the upper half of a clarinet stuck into it. By the request of neighbors, that was taken out of service. I invented another by accident. I found that stretching flat nylon strapping cord across the cockpit of a large wooden kayak, I could either strum it or use a bow, for some amazingly deep and powerful notes. The photo below shows this boat, with a fiberglass copy I made of it.

A Girard wrote:

Thank Steve. You might be surprised the style I like to play. I do want to get something done on with the FZ200 so as soon as I do, I'll share for sure:)

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Cela est très bien. Mais dans ce cas-ci, une image n'a pas un valeur de mille mots. Donne-nous un lien de toi, jouant réellement cet instrument. Nous avons besoin à voir la belle française et entendre sa musique.
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