OMD has better DR than FF, so what?

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Re: So, Where's the Beef ? ...

ZoranC wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Actual photographic talent ?
Not found here:
So, ... where's the beef between those Wonder Bread buns ?

... as Hamburger Helper just does not "cut the mustard" ...

Sorry that I forgot they were marked as private. Here, quickly fixed that on few, try again:

In my opinion, three additional shots in marginal lighting of a statue-head devoid of any fine-details with a blurred background does not credibility of bellicose and bombastic claims to "actual photographic talent" make. I don't think that anybody begrudges you being "in love with yourself". The problem is that nobody's interested in your empty posturing much less your universal rudeness

And I can show many more.

That might help. Then again, it might not. Such is the nature of "sharing your poetry". Go for it ...

Now show us yours. Can you do it? Do you have any cojones at all? Or you are going to stay Diminutive Man aka Ladies Joke aka Photography Puss?

Just think, Zoran, if you were to go back and manage to earn your HS equivalent certificate, you might learn how to write without causing people to be reminded of their grade-school days at recess, and you might learn how to multiply and divide quantities that include squared factors !

... I would be very hesitant to even hallucinate of giving one single penny to you, Photography Puss.

I don't want your money. All that I would appreciate is that you grow up and get a life, Fauntleroy

Jon Rty wrote:

I'm aware.

Aware of what is not clear. The relationship between sensor-level DR and Read Noise is not simple.

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