Does any1 know what it would take to improve Foveon high ISO performance?

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Re: It's a Leica M9 sample image at 800%

ilsiu wrote:

hikerdoc wrote:

Erik Magnuson wrote:

hikerdoc wrote:

and make it an extensive crop of an out of focus region of a foveon image

It's not out of focus, but it is blown up 800% (i.e. on a typical monitor the equivalent of a 33 foot wide print) and smoothed. I'm not sure where Kendall's version came from or how it was processed, but here is the OOC JPEG version:

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Thank you, and now how about the comparison foveon image to see how you feel it should be properly displayed at that magnification

Here's a similar shot from the SD-1:

Not quite the same image, but there are some railings between the ferries and also in front of the crane (left of center).

It can be viewed at any magnification, but I'm not sure what you mean by " should be properly displayed at that magnification."

I guess I am saying when an 18MP image is blown up to stated 33 foot long dimension and then processed (smoothed) and viewed at 15 inches on a monitor: does it give a really useful comparison image to prove a point. The image you provided when downloaded original size to LR and blown to 800% reveals pixellated mess, certainly not what sigma would provide as sample of the foveon technology. A comparison is not valid with only one data point. Some of the recently posted images are exquisite (see recent post by schofield), but not likely so much at 800% crop!

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