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Re: Interesting question

MajStriker wrote:

Chris Mak wrote:

What would really be thé advantage, purely IQ wise (not counting thinner DOF and not counting iso higher than 1600), of a pentax FF 24mp over a K3 24mp APSC?


You just eliminated the two big advantages of FF in your statement.

Thinner/shallower DOF and greatly improved high ISO performance were pretty much the ONLY criteria I used when deciding to move to FF.

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Some people are just expecting to use wide angle lenses as they were intended; apart from the bonus of a great viewfinder...

For example, if you want to use the Pentax shift lens (28mm), you'll find it's not wide enought on APS-C for architecture : it's like a 42mm on full frame
Not the same use ... sort of "normal" lens ? May be more useful for pack shots ?
You'll have to use it with a mount converter on a Canon 5D to get the point !

But this solution is not good enough : too clumsy for my taste, and I don't want to spend too much on Canon camera & lenses.

Even the expected Samyang T/S : it will deliver its best probably only with a full frame :

  • FF=24mm / APC-C=36mm ! (almost in the same range that a 31mm Ltd on FF)

On APS-C, you'll have to wait for a Samyang 17mm lens ?

Pentax, if you read this, it's up to you : please sell us a really great T/S 17mm lens (26mm equivalent) or a nice little FF !
I'll bet for the second solution, especially if the D600 really comes to life

Regards, fredg


Another point is that the benefits of R&D for FF should be available to APS-C as well; like the Nikon AF shared the same core on the FX and DX families. I guess Pentax have already done so, sharing a few things on the K-5/K-7 and the 645D ? It's the same for most industrial products ...
Regarding IQ and economics, it should be a good deal after all, doesn't it ?

Anyway, I think that - apart from its technical qualities and ergonomics - some great photographers using the Pentax DSLR have helped the brand coming back to where it is. I hope that if Pentax comes back with a FF some amazing professionals will help as well, if the pro support improves enough for them (from what I've read).

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