1.4x or 2x?

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Re: 1.4x or 2x?

CameraCarl wrote:

I concur. A Canon 2x is best used (sparingly) on prime lenses. I bought the 2X III thinking that it would be a significant improvement over the first generation 2x on my 500 f4, but although the improvement is noticeable, it is not so much better that it justified the purchase. I wouldn't hesitate to use my 1.4x on my 500, or even my 100-400.

I find 1.4x to be very easy to manually focus on the 100-400, hand-held. With the 2x III, it is a little bit more challenging, and easier to miss focus when working with active subjects. Works best on a tripod, with live view focus. I am using a Pentax Q on the tripod sometimes now, without a TC (equivalent to 3.12x, compared to the 7D's pixels), and the best results are much, much, better (noise is much finer and more natural looking), but the Q is not made for speed and the adaptation and 4x live view are a little cumbersome. A grip to make the Q handle like a DSLR body would be ideal. Better yet, an EOS body with a small, dense sensor and AF and aperture control would be even better.

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