CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: To Alex: any news about the bad pixel mapping?

OK. I will just give you what I know about it:

The USB protocol which PC uses to talk to E995/E2500/E4300/E4500/E5000 (Sierra Imaging) is described here:

The protocol is implemented through IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT calls, some examples are here (the samples are request for battery charge level and firmware version)

You can find the program to read the defective pixels map here (tested with E2500 and probably is same for others). The command to read defective pixels is 06-16-03. The comand to refresh the map is 06-00 so the procedure would be almost same with the difference that you won't need to read anything back.
You can also erase the map by 06-16 command but i think you don't have to.

You also have a source of the code to work with the USB in cpixraw.zip which could be helpful.
You might want to save the pages as they might not be available in future.

I think you need to turn the camera on and give it some time (10-15 mins) to warm up before you refresh the deadpixel map.

Also besides DIAG RAW mode there are DIAG modes ERASE and FORMAT and my guess is that the first one erases the map and the second one refreshes it but I haven't tried it so be cautious.


Marius N wrote:


First thank you very much for the useful information that you
shared here.

Do you have any other information available about how to enable the
automatic bad pixel mapping in the Coolpix cameras?

Not necessarily a finished program, just any kind of information
and/or documentation that could help solving this issue once for

I personally have a Coolpix 995 that had bad CCD pixels since it
was new. Nikon needed over 4 weeks to map them while the camera was
still under warranty. Just for two days after my camera was free of
any bad pixels then another one surfaced. Just as the warranty
ended other groups appeared - all being stuck at any shutter speed.
Now I have the option to send it again to Nikon and not just pay
for this service but, worse, wait another month without the camera.
This is not the first Coolpix that I have with bad CCD pixels - two
990 that I had the chance to use before this 995 had the same
problem, on the same scale. Looking over the discussion forums over
the Internet it appears that there are so many other upset Nikon
customers in this position, having to pay and wait weeks for a
trivial Software fix that in my personal opinion Nikon should have
made public for any user to do on its own, if not to make it as a
feature into the Coolpix cameras firmware. I am referring to
executing the automatic pixel mapping procedure.

Please, any help on this issue will be GREATLY appreciated - and I
am sure that not just by me.

Thank you,

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