Check out this D800 vs 5D3 ISO comparison

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Re: not a valid comparison

While the author states that he used 50mm f/8 for each shot, I am assuming he also matched shutter speeds but would be nice if he stated this.

If the shutter speeds are the same, I think it is a valid comparison. All the underexposed Canon images are showing is that their stated ISO is not quite as light sensitive as Nikon's stated ISO. As you can see from DXO mark, the stated ISO in modern cameras is almost always higher than the tesed ISO.

From the reviews I have seen, 5d Mark III has lower noise in out of camera JPGs but at the expense of lost detail, even at equivalently scaled image size. At 100%, RAW noise on Nikon D800 is about the same as the 5d Mark III but the D800 has the extra resolution to retain more details. If you process RAW correctly the D800 edges the 5d III in high ISO IQ. Plus it obliterates the 5d III in low ISO IQ.

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