Degrading quality in NEX system

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Re: Degrading quality in NEX system

... and mine is STT-A.

If anyone has had this issue repaired, I'd be interested to know the cost. I have mostly shot manual lenses, and didn't even realize it was not working until I bought the OSS 50 and the ZA 24. I need that dial to work to set aperture.

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I have concerns about build quality. My 5N is not quite a year old, and the spinning back dial is dying on it.

Look on the bottom of the camera for a code that will be either STT-A or STT-C. Which is it? The C stands for Chonburi, the new assembly plant used after the Thai floods. I suspect cameras made at Chonburi soon after it got started may have had some teething issues. My 5N (STT-A) has worked fine all along.

I have a STT-C NEX-5N and it's been very solid. No issues so far, excellent build quality, and I think the body design is better than my old NEX-5.

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