FL50r Remote Flash

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Re: FL50r Remote Flash

I have a FL-50R and 3 FL-36Rs (and a Metz 58 AF-2) that I use regularly as remote flashes in RC mode as well as slave mode with the E-M5.

In RC mode you need to make sure that the sensor window on the flash is facing directly toward the accessory hotshoe flash. And if your remote flash is placed so that it is to the side or behind your camera, you may need to re-direct the hotshoe flash using a small bounce card so as to provide a better signal to the remote flash (and as someone else stated, turn up the trigger flash level to "high"). With trickier setups, using the FL-600R flash in the hotshoe as a controller should help immensely since you will be able to swivel and tilt it as needed.

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