4 more years!

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Re: 4 more years!

edwardaneal wrote:

okay this is a serious question - "4 more years" this is a chant that is often heard when people want the incumbant president reelected. It is usually a sign that the people are happy with how the first 4 years have gone and want the next 4 to be the same.

So tell me please - why would anyone want the next 4 years to be the same as the last 4 years?

or if you dont want them to be the same but still want Mr. Obama please tell me why you think given another 4 he could finally get the things done that he didnt in the first 4? - remember he will still have to deal with a Republican House of Representives.

I know we dont all agree politically, but I really would like to hear serious answers as to why you want 4 more years

Thank you

Yes , I am for Obama - he can receive second Nobel Prize.
Don't You agree that he deserved it ?

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