Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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Re: Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photograph

D Cox wrote:

stevielee wrote:

What they have decidedly done (released) instead: is one of the most interesting digital sensors in around, and put some of their very best glass in front of it - and essentially then called it a day...or a DP1/2M. Paying $1000 buck for basically just the sensor and the lens in front of it (no matter how good either of them are individually, or together) won't ultimately cut it with what the best of the rest in compact digital imaging have to offer..

The Zeiss 24mm lens for Sony costs more on its own than the DP2M , so to get a top class lens with a free high resolution sensor thrown in is not a bad deal.

Also, Sigma are quite good at putting out regular firmware upgrades, so features could be added in the future.

Fair enough.

And if Sigma actually does somehow decide to make the extra effort in dramatically improving the overall performance and function of their now woefully sluggish DPM cams (via firmware updates??), coupled with lowering their cost a few $$$, perhaps then they then might have something that will begin to appeal to a much larger consumer/photographer audience - as being yet another viable. higher quality, modern featured and performing compact camera option. But keeping them pretty much as they are now, these newest DPM's will probably not be the breakout Sigma camera that many of the faithful and followers have been hoping, or shamelessly flaking for (KHG).

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