Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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Re: And It's all just "Attitude" from any position taken here...

The DPxM is not an all-purpose snapshooters' camera. It just happens to resemble one in terms of size, but it offers IQ like that of medium format film. Just as Hasselblads & Mamiyas did not have the "technological" bells & whistles of Canikons, the Sigma lacks those of Sony NEX and the like. Just as Fujichrome Velvia & Kodachrome were not optimum for action photography, the Foveon is not at its best with high ISOs. But within its limits, it downright embarrasses the best, more costly, APS-C Bayer cameras. People interested in its unique virtues are going to buy it and enjoy the results, just the way people used clumsy, slow MF and LF film cameras in the past.

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