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theswede wrote:

There are two Minolta 50F1.4, and neither is the same as the Sony 50F1.4. The older Minolta has 49mm filter diameter and built in lens hood, the newer has 55mm. Neither has digital coating ar ADI.

There are two Minolta's, but the only difference is cosmetic construction and circular blades on the RS.

The Sony is the same as the Minolta RS. Same screw drive focus, same optical design, same construction. Sure the Sony has different coatings, but you're unlikely to see any noticeable effect of that - mostly marketing. The Sony has the same sensor reflection issues as the Minolta's for instance. You get ADI, but is this really important to anyone?

Really, for the price of a new Sony I think you're better off with the Sigma. For the price of a used Minolta($200-ish) its a good lens. But if you want a warranty and the Sigma is out of your price range but need a 1.4 lens, the Sony is a good recommendation.

Optics and focus system(HSM) is where the Sigma really shines. I've compared my Sig 50/1.4 to two different copies of the Min 50/1.4 and its better in every regard(except size, weight and price of course).

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