Sigma’s ownership of Foveon sensor – greatest loss for the photographic world

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And You Just Keep with your Ticking/Tocking Tantrums...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

stevielee wrote:

Check out Steve Huff's fairly accurate assessment of this new DP2M. He loved the IQ, but is giving the camera back to Sigma for many of the same operation no-go's that the DP series (and all other Sigma branded cameras for that matter) have always suffered from...VERY SUBSTANDARD TECHNOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE.

Wow, you just cannot help yourself! Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig!

Had you bothered to read the review AND the comments, as I did long before you posted the link, you'd know that (A) the only reason he was sending it back was an odd squeaking noise his system made which was not normal, and (B) that he decided to get another one after all for long term use!

The IQ was too irresistible for him. He didn't even mind the AF speed that much, just the squeak. And he thought the camera was well built, unlike you:

"The build of the DP2 Merrill is very good. In my hand it feel solid, simple and well, brick like. It is shaped like a brick with a few buttons and a dial attached. It doesn’t have a blingy look, fancy features or anything special about its design. Compared to a Leica X2 it appears very plain, which many will love. My best friend thinks the design is perfect."

Sorry Charlie! Next time try reading links before you post them.

It's hilarious how ticked off you are that Sigma finally built a camera that reviewers universally praise.

If only you had even touched one first you could have saved significant personal embarrassment.

Talk about digging deep for something, or someone (Sigma Corp) -- like a good, loyal undertaker for Sigma corp, you just can't stop with the distortions, selective super-hypeing, and your usual over the top Sigma Corp. rah-rahing.

And He clearly stated that he'd consider keeping the thang IF it was several hunderd $$$ cheaper, had way better (i.e. modern 2012) AF and buffer write times..etc. You can cherry-pick you imaginary "universal praise" reviews till the cows come home, and it still boils down to all about the Foveon sensor inside of it - and the lens - that any of these so-called "praising" reviews have something anything positive to say about the DP2M.

So sorry Helmy you can flack,and flack and flack for Sigma's DP2 and it'll still be a dog of a modern imaging tool with a great sensor and lens entombed inside, on on the front of a financially minimalist brick-like body.

And not only have I "touched" one of your beloved DP2 black brick bodies a couple of weeks ago, I actually had it for an whole afternoon - taking it out for a rather frustrating spin in the environs of the city. It belongs to a good friend and photo client of mine, who, like Steve Huff, is also thinking of returning, or selling it, most likely to be replaced with the newest Fuji X-E1. And I had the very same reaction to it that he had to it: excellent images are indeed possible coming from the camera, but only sometimes - and in certain circumstances (like mainly good light and confined mostly to static subject matter).

When I had finally finished my city bout with it, I certainly didn't have any desire to actually ever own one -- as I already personally own a couple of extremely very high IQ quality, but far superior preforming (as-in all around) compact cameras that supremely do almost everything I want and need from a small, compact camera, without having to compromise as much (as I had to with the stuck in molasses DP2) with subject matter, or environmental conditions (as in indoor, low-light situations and such).

Now, you go a play (lecture, scold, insult, berate, harangue..etc.) with some other perceptually mis -behaving Sigma camera body detractor. I've got some serious photography to attend to this afternoon.

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