LX7 or EX2F ??

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Re: What is video like on the EX1 / EX2F ??

Cyril Catt wrote:

Trevmar, unfortunately, the EX2F manual is ambiguous on your concern. In one place it states that "20 minutes is the limit in full HD (1920 x 1080)", but does not state any time for 1280 x 720, VGA, or QVGA. In another place it states "Format: MP4 (H.264) (Max. recording time 20 min)". I assume that this means that it most likely will not meet your needs even at a lower resolution than full HD.

The time limit of 20 minutes is due to inane EU regulations for cameras vs video cameras (more recently some cameras have a 30 minute limit, I presume the regulations have changed). So if a camera can record more than 20 (or 30) minutes video the manufacturer (if from outside EU) needs to pay taxes. This is ridiculous as so many regulations, but we're stuck with this nonsense.

So that means for lower resolution video the time limit will almost certainly be the same.

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