Arca Swiss Z1 or Markins Q20?

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Re: Arca Swiss Z1 or Markins Q20?

Carl Sanders wrote:

WE have got to the stage of these two heads but are genuinely concerned at some third party forum comments an reviews. For example does the Arca Swiss still lock up? Does the Markins tend to slip on its panoramic base?

If anyone has purchased either and has a view it would be most helpful, we have items selected in suppliers baskets waiting to press the purchase button. The heads are to be used with Medium format and Nikon with 70 - 200VR II on carbon Gitzo 3541.
Views appreciated.

While in the past we had a batch of heads that had a lockup problem, we have had little or no problems with the Z heads and or B heads with silver tension screws.

I personally used a B1 for over 20 years with no lock ups prior to taking my present position. The B1 was in extremes such as Antarctica, and the desert SW with no problems. I think you can now be confidant purchasing any of our heads you will not encounter this issue.

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