Ultimatum to Nikon - D400 or not!

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Re: Ultimatum to Nikon - D400 or not!

Having owned my D300 for over 3 years, I admit that I still have many ah ha moments when I learn yet another capability of this incredible tool. Indeed I'm amazed that even after countless hours of using this camera - and with friends that also own D300's that are much more knowledgable than I coaching me on capabilities, I still havent mastered the incredible capabilities depth of the D300.

I just took a trip to Paris and can honestly say that this was my most successful use yet of my camera and I'm about to start working on a photo book.

Yes - I am a hobbyist so I dont rely on this to make my living. If I wasnt a hobbyist I would probably be looking at an FX system anyhow.

Yes - Let me assure you that I am an "early adapter" of electronic and other toys so I like new stuff.

But - just my 2 cents and just for my needs - having used other equipt that doesnt begin to compare with the usability of my "ancient" D300, I can wait to buy a new toy...err.. camera body.

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