Degrading quality in NEX system

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Re: Degrading quality in NEX system

I have concerns about build quality. My 5N is not quite a year old, and the spinning back dial is dying on it. Granted I have carried my camera and it's a daily user, but my Canon bodies are used just as much in more adverse conditions and I've never had anything fail from just plain 'use'. At the price of the 5N, it's not such a huge deal, but I am planning to buy the 6 which is getting closer to the price of a 7D, and certainly I don't feel like the build quality is anywhere near 7D...

So I have concerns about it for sure. I take care of my gear so that I can resell and upgrade, and this 5N would have to be repaired before I could sell it. I'm not sure it's worth whatever it would cost, so it's a bit of a loss on my end to have flimsy gear.

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