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Re: Why DxO score are NOT a bad joke

nevercat wrote:

Everdog wrote:

The charts and actual numbers are useful,

I agree you always have te look at the total picture and then deside what is important for you.

but the DxO "scores" are a bad joke.

No they are not, they make good sense when you read the way those scores are made:

Each type of photograph takes a type of camera use. So lets see at the scores:


In a studio there is alwys enough light, so the photographer will allways use the best settings for that condition (low ISO to obtain the best results in colordepth, resolution etc.

So it makes sense to give the camera with the best colordepth at the lowest setting the higest score.


The photographer takes their pictures from a tripod, so they can use longer exposure times and use the lowest ISO setting possible to obtain the best Dynamic Range.

So it makes sense to give the camera with the best Dynamic Range at the lowest setting the higest score.


The photographer has to capture the best results under difficult situations (long lenses, low(er) light etc.

So it makes sense to give the camera that gives good results at the higest ISO settings the higest score.

I understand that many people will not take pictures like a pro (they don't have a studio to do their portraits, they don't use a tripod for their landscapes or the only sport they do is Chess. But the scores shows what sensor does the best under the given circumstances. A good test with very good scores.

The reader has to decide what score is most important to them when they use it to buy a new camera. And from the things I see on this site the Panasonic GH1 and 2 and the Sony RX100 are all great cameras, very close with (almost) no seeable differences in real life pictures.

So when you buy one of the panasonics, you will gain a more flexible camera (youcan change lenses, you can use a flash etc.) And with the Sony you get the (much smaller) camera that is less good at low light

The GH1 and GH2 consistantly score higher than the RX100 through out most of the ranges on the graphs, but because the RX100 wins at ISO80, it somehow scores a lot higher....

That is complete logical when you read what they are testing..
except in low light where it is dismal (still bought one though ).

I hope you will enjoy the Rx100 alongside your OM-d

My objections to the scores are primarily twofold:

1. The portrait and landscape scores both reflect the performance at base ISO. This tilts the overall impression (possibly also the overall score although we do not know the exact formula) towards base rather than high ISO.

2. The sports score does not match the visual noise impression very well (at least not mine). Instead, I prefer to look at the entire DR curve (not the base-ISO DR score only) to get an impression of how well the sensor will do at various ISOs, all the way from base ISO up. I do look at other things too, but prefer to look at the curves rather than the scores in those cases as well.

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