D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

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Re: D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

Lance B wrote:

I do take exception to his belief I do not know what exposure is.

Take exception as you wish. You demonstrated beyond doubt that you don't know what exposure is. Better to just accept it when you put the evidence here for everyone to see.

If one or both camera's ISO is out of accuracy, which is not uncommon, and you use the same aperture and shutter speed on both camera's, then the exposure must be different.
Open and shut case.

According to bobn2, Lord knows what I doing these past 30 years in order to obtain the excellent results I have been able to get not knowing what exposure was, according to him.

Poor little you. Do I detect that your pride is a little bit pricked? Well the good news for you is that many people who haven't a clue about the technicalities take great pictures. In the end, the eye for the great shot is worth any amount of technical knowledge. The bad news for you is that we only have your word about the past 30 years of 'excellent' results. Maybe they could have been even better had you known what exposure was, and how to manage it.

Anyway, he seems to want to talk in riddles and also seems to purposely misrepresent what I say in order to bolster his argument.

I haven't misrepresented anything you said. You just wish now you hadn't said it.

The feeling I get is that he is quick to want to denegrate.

No, what I'm quick to do is deflate ignoramuses who put forward their misguided beliefs as fact. It was your choice to enter this discussion and tell everyone

I have to disagree. If these two cameras were to shoot a similar scene, then the aperture, shutter speed and ISO would be what was actually used and therefore the result would be as shown. It matters not whether they are off by a 1/3rd of a stop or whatever

The truth is, 1/3 of a stop different exposure does matter. If you want to wade in and challenge people who know better than you, then expect them to tell you you are wrong. At that point you could simply acknowledge that you were wrong and retire with some dignity. If you continue to press your wrongness, and belittle the opinions of people who are actually right and know what they are talking about , expect to end up looking silly. Just don't whinge about it afterwards, it makes you look even more of a sad case.

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