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Re: 18-55 variable F Stop

All the lenses that you speak of are probably mechanical and work much differently than this systems by wire function. I admit that I did not design this lens but it seems so basic and fairly plausible to assume that the reason is that it is a variable aperture. I will ask a few of the Fuji folks and let you know but I am almost certain that this will be their reasoning.

It's so funny to me that you state without batting an eye, that I am wrong. Well how do you know I am wrong? If I am so wrong why is it that only the zoom with the variable aperture is missing the markings on the lens barrel?

You stated yourself that you "really dont know, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the lens being 'variable aperture'". Sure sounds like flawed logic to me. How is it that you are so easily able to know and not know at the same time?

Trevor G wrote:

Cyclopedia Brown wrote:

There is still an aperture dial on the barrel of the lens. It simply does not have any markings on it due to the fact that the F-stops being variable. In other words, there can be no spot for f/2.8 if once you zoom to 55mm you are only allowed f/4. Understand?

There are millions of zoom lenses still in existence which have variable or fixed aperture as they zoom, AND which also have fixed, mechanical f stops marked on the aperture ring.

Your explanation is wrong, as is the similar comment even dpreview made about the same "feature".

Why are the f stops not marked? I really don't know, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the lens being "variable aperture" as such.

The most likely reason is cost cutting, since it is much easier to use a stepper motor to vary the aperture than to build the somewhat complicated mechanical arrangement to vary the iris opening at any particular f stop as you zoom.

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Trevor G

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