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TITCHY wrote:

agreed, my D300 is 5 yrs old ,and if it were possible for nikon to simply insert a modern more (ISO/DR) capable sensor ,it would kick ass once again ,the D300 has never been bettered (as a DX) camera ,and the only thing lacking is a better sensor .

the controls are true pro layout with a whole host of other functions ,that leave lesser APS-C cameras behind . biuld and balance are also perfect .

and at twice the frame rate of the D800 ,combined with the reach (1.5 crop) makes it a perfect sport / wildlife camera . if only the sensor was better ,are you listening nikon ,there is no need for major changes , the D300 series is a gem ,just give us 18-24mp ,with the assosiated tweeks and I for one be happy if everything else stays the same .

I'd give Nikon $1000 if I could send in my current D300, have them install a new shutter and (as imagined above) an improved 18-24 MP sensor with gains in IQ, DR and high ISO. Leave all else the same and I'd be happy for several years to D300s and I'd buy that upgrade for all 3 of them.

...If only this were possible.

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