Olympus OM-D E-M5 or X100 (IQ)?

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Re: The truth

A camera is a system. Both the OM-D and X100 have excellent sensors. TheX100 incorporates a lot of tricks to deliver OOC JPEGs that can rival expertly processed raw files; skin tones, (minor) distortion correction, de-vignette, noise reduction, saturation, contrast, they are all first rate straight out of camera on the Fuji. Best in-camera processing bar none.

But if you shoot raw, know what you are doing and use the right lenses, you can beat the X100 with the OM-D.

Lens FL is the biggest issue. The Fuji 35mm F/2.0 equiv has no equal in the M.4/3 world. And this focal length is close to ideal for so many shots, you can do street, portraits, landscapes and still life. But the OM-D has a 12mm F/2.0, a 25mm F/1.4 and 75mm F/1.8 that the Fuji can't match (or even do). The 75mm F/1.8 on the OM-D produces superior IQ to the X100 at the pixel level, and has 33% more pixels, a double whammy.

For the time being, it's choose your FL, choose you camera. But the OM-D may soon get a great 35mm F/2.0, whereas the X100 will never have a 75mm F/1.8


kipling wrote:


I am thinking of selling my X100 and buying the Olympus with the 20mm f2 and 45mm 1.8.

I have a 7D which I use for birding, and I want a very light outfit for travel and walk around. I am tempted by the Olympus because of its ease of use, IS and fast focus. Also a variety of small, fast lenses. However I don't want a big drop in IQ when compared with the X100.

I would welcome opinions of anyone who has experience of both cameras. Not really interested in delving into the X100's various foibles---it does produce great images.

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